ILLUVIA is a blockchain for GameFi, capable of producing high-quality games, protecting players' NFTs in its decentralized storage layer, managing multi-chain assets, and leveraging DeFi yields with its 10,000 TPS.

  • ILLUVIA offers a specialized ecosystem, with a primary focus on GameFi and DeFi.

  • Founded by industry specialists deeply entrenched in the gaming sector, ILLUVIA is uniquely positioned.

  • ILLUVIA serves as the blockchain solution exclusively designed for GameFi, developed by seasoned GameFi experts, and managed by renowned gaming enterprises.

Key Agendaโ€‹

1. Lightning-Fast and Elegant Blockchain

With a staggering speed of 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), ILLUVIA enables the seamless trading of in-game assets at a fraction of the cost compared to Ethereum, where transactions can cost hundreds of dollars. This speed is paramount, as transactions form the very core of the gaming experience.

2. Robust Decentralized Storage

ILLUVIA boasts a fully decentralized storage layer that serves as an impervious fortress, safeguarding the hard-earned NFTs accumulated by players throughout their gaming journeys.

3. DeFi Integration in Gaming

In the ILLUVIA ecosystem, DeFi takes center stage, offering players a one-stop solution for lending, staking, and earning yields on their game assets. The fusion of finance and gaming is a pivotal feature, providing individuals with an opportunity to learn about and apply cryptocurrency in a gaming context.

4. Premium-Quality Games

To underscore the prowess of ILLUVIA GameFi blockchain, we introduce our Play-to-Earn Marketplace. ILLUVIA's Marketplace serves as a nexus where cutting-edge games from renowned publishers converge, while also offering game developers a platform to submit and showcase their creations on ILLUVIA's spotlight.

ILLUVIA stands as a blockchain meticulously crafted for Play-to-Earn gamers. To ensure its success, it hinges on three vital components:

(a) High-Quality Games, (b) Seamless DeFi Integration, and (c) The integration of Web 3.0 technologies.

ILLUVIA excels in all three of these critical facets.

ILLUVIA Gaming Chain

  • Highly compatible EVM

  • Scaling with Layer2, designed for Games

  • Low gas fee, High scam resistance

For GamersFor Game DevelopersFor IP Holders

Zero Gas Fees

Flexible Token Design using vTokens and oTokens

Easier to Protect IP

High-speed Transactions

Builder's Own Game

Eco Friendly

Scam Less


A verse limited to own IP

Scam Resistance

Scam Resistance

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