Block Explorer

Blockchain Explorer is a search engine that basically performs searches and easily searches for blockchain to track blockchain transactions. Bitcoin and Altcoin traders use Blockchain Explorer to track and verify transactions on Bitcoin networks.

Blockchain Explorer makes it easier for user to see all transactions on the public blockchain and access all data related to blockchain, transactions, and wallets.

ILLUVIA Explorer

Usecase of Explorer

  1. Blockchain Explorer lets you navigate through the entire transaction history of a particular wallet address. This can audit specific wallet addresses while improving the transparency of the blockchain.

  2. Blockchain Explorer is clear when searching for incoming addresses. In addition to the transaction receiving address, users can increase transaction transparency by preventing excessive input values from being transferred to transaction fees.

  3. Blockchain Explorer can browse the details of unconfirmed transactions and access the details of unconfirmed transactions through Mempool status.

  4. Users can also use Blockchain Explorer to discover orphan blocks and identify corrosion blocks.

  5. Blockchain Explorer lets you identify double-spending transactions in a blockchain network.

  6. Blockchain Explorer can view transaction-related fees, blockchain difficulty, hash rate, and details.

  7. Users can use Blockchain Explorer to explore Genesis blocks or basic blocks of the blockchain. This makes it easy to find the first block mined in a particular chain with miner and details.

Purpose of Using Explorer

  1. Blockchain Explorer can provide transparency by allowing users to view balances and expenditures on smart contract addresses.

  2. It also helps to check the validity of the wallet address you want to send before sending cryptocurrency assets using Blockchain Explorer.

  3. Blockchain Explorer can check whether the transaction has been successfully sent to the target.

  4. Blockchain Explorer can help developers identify wallets and additional features required by the software, which allows developers to program wallets efficiently to receive and store cryptocurrencies.

  5. Blockchain Explorer can be a tool for making other investment decisions on computing resources for future mining activities.

  6. Blockchain Explorer can help you plan your gas spending for future transactions because it currently provides transaction costs or gas costs.

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