Initial Token Allocation

Initial Token Allocation

The total initial supply is 1,000,000 ILLUVIA tokens which will be distributed according to the following allocations.

Public Sale (15%): Allocate 150,000 $ILLUVIA tokens for a public token sale event, which may include initial exchange offerings (IEOs) or token launchpad sales.

Liquidity Provision and Rewards (8%): Reserve 80,000 $ILLUVIA tokens for liquidity providers on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Implement a liquidity mining program where users can stake $ILLUVIA tokens and earn rewards.

Ecosystem Development (10%): Allocate 100,000 $ILLUVIA tokens for ecosystem development, which includes partnerships, marketing, and ecosystem expansion.

Staking Rewards (10%): Reserve 100,000 $ILLUVIA tokens for staking rewards, encouraging token holders to participate in governance and secure the network.

Community and User Incentives (5%): Allocate 50,000 $ILLUVIA tokens for community-building efforts, such as airdrops, rewards, and engagement programs.

Founders' Fund (5%): Allocate 50,000 $ILLUVIA tokens as a separate fund to reward the founders and early contributors as the project matures.

Strategic Partnerships (5%): Reserve 50,000 $ILLUVIA tokens for forming strategic partnerships with other projects, gaming companies, or blockchain platforms.

Developer Grants (10%): Allocate 150,000 $ILLUVIA tokens to a developer grant program. Offer grants to game developers who propose innovative game concepts and commit to building on the ILLUVIA network. Grants can cover development costs, marketing expenses, and initial liquidity provision to kickstart their projects.

Incentive Pools (9%): Create developer incentive pools comprising 100,000 $ILLUVIA tokens. Reward game developers based on the popularity and success of their games within the ILLUVIA ecosystem. The more users and engagement a game generates, the larger the rewards for the developers.

Development Bounties (9%): Allocate 100,000 $ILLUVIA tokens to a bounty program designed to encourage specific game development tasks or features. Developers can earn bounties for completing tasks like integrating their games with the ILLUVIA platform, optimizing performance, or creating in-game assets.

Revenue Sharing (5%): Dedicate 50,000 $ILLUVIA tokens to a revenue-sharing program. Allow game developers to earn a portion of the fees generated from in-game transactions conducted with $ILLUVIA tokens. This incentivizes developers to create engaging and monetizable games within the ecosystem.

Developer Staking Pools (9%): Create staking pools specifically for game developers, with 100,000 $ILLUVIA tokens allocated to these pools. Developers can stake their tokens in these pools to participate in governance and earn rewards, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to the platform's success.

Token Supply Curve

Circulating supply must be a well-balanced design that considers the long-term growth and sustainability of ILLUVIA.

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